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Advertising Age:

Ad Age Special Report: Social Media Advertising -- 11/18/2013

AdAge: Building Brands Online II -- 50 page special report

From Lenovo, the Greatest PC of All Time that Nobody Knows About -- 7/16/2013

Ad Age Digital Conference NYC Mobile Track Moderator -- 4/18/2012

Ad Age: Is an Ad Still an Ad If No One Views It?: -- 4/9/2012

Ad Age: Smartphone Users: Not So Special Anymore: -- 1/19/2012

Mobile Scan 'N Scram: How Worried Should Retailers Be? -- 1/18/2012

Ad Age Q4 Mobile Report: Mobile Commerce -- 11/28/2011

Ad Age: Couch Commerce & Scan & Scram Shoppers -- 11/28/2011

What Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Metrics -- 8/21/2011

On the Road to Mass Mobile Coupons -- 5/9/2011

Mobile Couponing (25 page report) -- 5/9/2011

Move Over RTBs: the Hot Term of 2011 is the AMP -- 4/4/2011

What People Really Do On Their Phones -- 3/17/2011

What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing: Benchmarks and Best Practices for the U.S.
35 page special report -- 3/14/2011

Location Based Services: Marketer's Guide to Mobile -- 2/28/2011

How Do You Slice and Dice Your Target Audience When Buying an Ad? -- 2/28/2011

Ad Age Global: Learning Mobile from Outside the US -- 2/15/2011

Appy New Year? Hardly -- 12/29/2010

Building Brands Online - Interactive Branding: Best Practices in a Direct Response-Driven Media
28 page special report -- 10/11/2010

Ad Age: Mobile Myths Debunked -- 9/13/10

Ad Age: Memo to Steve Jobs - 5/24/2010

Digital Marketing Guide: Audience Buying Don't Know RTB From DBO? Here's All You Need to Know to Target and Reach Your Consumers -- 2/22/2010

New York Times:

The Price of Free -- 11/29/2009

New York Times -- Online Rally May Sidestep Newspapers -- 10/26/2009

USA Today

Mobile wallets, anyone's game


Wildfire: Social Strategies for 2014


Almost as Good as a Sandwich Board

MediaPost: DoubleClick Unveils Methodologies For Evaluating Online Ads Reach


Freewheel Digital Video Monetization Q2 2013

Freewheel Digital Video Monetization Q1 2013 -- 5/26/2013

Freewheel Digital Video Monetization Full Year 2012 -- 2/15/2013


From Clicks to Bricks

Trends on Mobile Use This Holiday Season: Harris Poll Alert Shopper V

Infographic: Trends on Mobile use this Holiday Season: Harris Poll Alert Shopper V

Digital Dads: Harris Poll Alert Shopper IV

Placecast Location Based Marketing: Harris Poll Alert Shopper III

Best Practices in Location Based Text Marketing

Placecast How Consumers Realy Feel About Data Privacy

The Alert Shopper II: New Harris Interactive Data on Mobile Marketing Alerts

Internet Retailing:
Mums with Children Drive Interest in Mobile Marketing -- 8/20/10

Mobile Marketer:
Sonic, REI, American Eagle drive traffic in-store via SMS alerts -- 7/28/10

CloudBook Magazine:
Location+The Cloud, is the New Killer App -- 6/10/2010


PubMatic data trends -- 2/14/2013


PayPal: Multi-Device Shopper Report -- 7/8/2012


CIMM: Best Practices in Cross Media Measurement -- 7/13/2011

Mobile Marketing Association:

Brand Marketer's Guide to the Mobile Web and Apps -- 6/22/2011
American Adults Interested in Opt In Marketing Messages -- 10/19/2009
Retail Experts Discuss Strategies to Drive Foot Traffic & Sales Through Mobile Marketing as Moderated by Jayne O'Donnell of USA Today -- 12/23/2009

Adserving Trends Reports - DoubleClick:
Media Life Magazine
Web Pro News
Doubleclick Adserving Trends

Cross Media Spending DoubleClick / Nielsen:
Nielsen 5 Year Ad Spending

Cross Media Study DoubleClick / Nielsen / IMS:
Cross Media Frequency
ClickZ Article

E-commerce - DoubleClick Research & Quotes:
Wall Street Journal / Endeca
WebPro News: 'Click Rates and Conversions up for Black Friday'
Destination CRM" 'Online Consumers Are Becoming More Sophisticated'
WebSite Hostings Article
RSI News Article
Spurs Report
InternetAdSales Article
DoubleClick Consumer Email Study

Email Marketing: DoubleClick Consumer Email Studies:
DoubleClick Consumer Email Study
Baidubbs - Article
WebPro News - 'Tips to Get Your Email Opened and Read'
ClickZ - Article

ESOMAR Publications: WAM Conference:
Touchpoints and Target Demographics

In-Direct Response to Online Ads: View Through Metrics -- DoubleClick:
DoubleClick View Through Study

Internet Audience Dynamics -- DoubleClick: 
Internet Audience Dynamics
ClickZ Article
All Business Article

Interactive Trends & Consumer Impact DoubleClick Speech:
DoubleClick Webinar

Online and Branding -- Quotes:
iMedia Connection Online Branding Quote

Pop Up Ads -- Wall Street Journal Quote:
Wall Street Journal Quote

Reconciling Pre-and Post Buy Analysis: Target Demographics -- DoubleClick:
DoubleClick Target Demo Whitepaper

Internet Retailer:
'DoubleClick Pilots New Methodologies for Analyzing Online Target Demographics in Post-Campaign Ad Reports

Rich Media Whitepaper -- DoubleClick:
DoubleClick Rich Media Whitepaper

Touchpoints I: Interactive Impact on the Purchase Process -- DoubleClick:
Touchpoints PDF

Touchpoints II: ESOMAR presentation -- DoubleClick:

Touchpoints III -- DoubleClick:

Touchpoints III PDF

iMediaConnection Article

Year in Online Advertising 2003 DoubleClick/Nielsen Whitepaper & Speech:
Year in Online Advertising 2003 PDF
iMediaConnection Speech

Gemstar TV Guide Appointment:
Broadcasting & Cable

Phase2Media Brand-Focused Ad Network: Speeches and Press:
All Business Article
Find articles Article
Internet News Article
DM News Article

Organizational and Media Development:
Freedom House / USAID / Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulations
Ijnet Article: 'Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation Established'
Eurolobby Article (Romanian)
Freedom House Press Release

Spy Magazine
Washington Post

Historic Research:
Early Film Studios