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Kathryn Koegel

Founder - Chief of Insights

A noted media and tech industry analyst, Kathryn Koegel is a media and marketing expert who has led initiatives in online, print, TV and now mobile media. Steampunkt has risen out of her desire to be a force of change, sanity and excellence in a field known for its mind-numbing complexity and hype. She has regularly contributed as a journalist to Advertising Age, Media Post and Digiday on topics such as best practices in interactive marketing, data usage, mobile marketing, advertising on social media, streaming video and the field of marketing automation. A woman for whom the terms "multi-platform" and "multi-disciplinary" were coined, she is both a right- and a left-brained thinking and executor who is equally comfortable in the worlds of big data and branding.

She had an extensive career in media marketing (GQ, New York Magazine, Ms. Magazine, US News & World Report, Gemstar TV Guide Television) in addition to digital expertise. She took a break from the Wild West and built democracy in Eastern Europe for two years, based in Bucharest, a city of failed dreams and 30,000 wild dogs. At the height of the dot-com era, she was the VP of marketing for one of the first online ad networks, Phase2Media. She was the Director of Research & Industry Development for DoubleClick in the early '00s and created its first industry trend reports and many early reports on consumer behavior in respect to interactive media. Her primary research work has been accepted and published by The ARF and ESOMAR. A single mom of two near teens, she lives in Brooklyn, NY and fundraises for her kids' public schools.

Kathryn's Full Body of Work

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Lynn Bolger

Advisor - Sales Strategy and Development

Lynn is an experienced media professional with deep knowledge and broad perspective of the digital media marketplace.

She started her career at major agencies working in media planning and research positions. From there she was swiftly caught in the wave enthusiasm surrounding emerging technologies and believed in its power to redefine the industry. She led the earliest interactive media teams at FCB, Ammirati Puris Lintas and ultimately Initiative Media where Lynn served as EVP, Director of Digital Media Services and Operations. While working on the agency side, Lynn was deeply involved in pivotal industry policy-making that enabled the Internet to break through to the media "mainstream.

Then came the move to the vendor side where Lynn was a key member of the management team. While there she had the opportunity to help comScore build media research tools that met needs of agency planners and buyers. As an EVP at comScore, Lynn focused on sales of syndicated sales efforts, custom e-commerce and behavioral studies, and ultimately advertising effectiveness tools such as comScore's vCE. Lynn is extremely proud of the role she played to help comScore become the uncontested leader in digital measurement.

More recently, Lynn has added mobile media to her repertoire while managing agency sales relations at Medialets, the industry's only accredited mobile ad-server. The mobile ad marketplace is here to stay, and to be successful, its critical to understand the measurement and accountability challenges inherent in the platform.

Over the years Lynn has served extensively on industry committees for the Advertising Research Foundation, the AAAAs, and the IAB, and she speaks frequently at industry events.

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Larry Harris

Advisor - Branding, Strategic Investments and M&A

Considered an interactive advertising and mobile media visionary, Larry Harris is one of the most esteemed executives working in media and marketing technology today.

An experienced mobile marketing and advertising executive and noted speaker for more than 20 years, Harris has led integrated marketing and branding programs for Microsoft, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Intel. Harris is the former Chief Executive Officer of Ansible Mobile, an early mobile agency.

Larry served as EVP and Director of Integrated Marketing for Draft, (now Draftfcb), where he built and led the global technology team and oversaw the company's relationship with Interpublic. In 2000, Harris co-founded the digital division of FCBi, the direct, digital and data arm of Foote, Cone and Belding. and web development for clients such as Hewlett-Packard, GSK, Quest, the IRS, Eli Lilly, Chase, Clairol and MetLife.

He began his career in advertising as a creative. His major account was Anheuser Busch and he led the team that developed the Bud Light Frogs, an amphibious first in the advertising industry.

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Heidi Chisholm

Advisor - Chief Product Development Designer

Heidi Chisholm is an award-winning creative director specializing in packaging and is responsible for the look and feel and tactical translation of Kathryn's ideas into Steampunkt Lab products. Under her own label, Extra Fancy Co. she produced the first Steampunkt Re:Bag, the Michelle as well as a line of laser cut jewelry. Working for labels like Mr. & Mrs. Somebody, she has produced trend-setting fabrics in Miami and Europe and for South African companies. Her portfolio is here:

Heidi was born in a small town in the middle of South Africa and her work is very much influenced by the colors and mashups of patterns of her native Continent. In 2008 she moved from South Africa to Brooklyn and while she very much misses her beloved country, she most recently lived in Cape Town, she is currently inspired by Steampunkt to bring color and functional design to everything from tea boxes to Re:Bags: bags designed for recycling (and just schlepping) that are made of double-faced, recyclable plastic that itself is made from recycled milk bottles. The images on each bag are intended to inspire through the example of a great leader, much the way medieval glass windows did. The first bag is an homage to Michelle Obama and the historic moment that she hula hooped in a school. The second is a celebration of Hillary Clinton and her work among the poor and children. There are also non-political bags such as Sunday in Prospect Park with Piper, a happy and zaftig young woman biking into the rest of her life. She lives with her two kids in Brooklyn who are in public elementary and middle school.

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Ramiro Gamboa

Advisor - Product Design, Trade Show Exhibitions and Creative Direction

Ramiro Gamboa channels SteampunktI aesthetics with his companies Boonk and RAW. He has a special passion for working with recycled materials, and one of the reasons he likes to look at old stuff is because there is a story in each of the parts that gives it a special character. He also believes that in this era in which we live now, we need to think about reuse as much as possible.

Many of the pieces he makes use historical reclaimed materials. He upcycles and reuses discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original and turn it into a new product. His first project was to design the interior of Couleur Cafe 435 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. He also designed the interior of Cafe' Dada:

Ramiro came to New York City in 2004 from Mexico City, to work in advertising. He won various international awards for his Hispanic market campaigns for print and TV work for Altoids, Unilver, Pfizer, Citibank, Kellogg and Miller among other brands. (He has worked for Young & Rubicam, Ammirati Puris Lintas, J Walter Thompson and others). In 2009, he left advertising and started Booonk, a custom-made multifunctional bedroom for kids with space saving and creative features. He lives and works in Brooklyn with his wife, who teaches bilingual early childhood art, and their three children who are in elementary and middle school. His websites are: and

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Gerard Broussard

Advisor - Research, Data and Integration

Gerard Broussard is an accomplished advertising research professional with broad experience covering advanced TV, digital media, audience measurement (including set top box) ROI analysis, media strategy and marketplace analysis.

Gerard is the Principal at Pre-meditated Media. Prior to this, he was VP, Media Insights & Analytics, at Canoe Ventures, a cable operator joint venture whose purpose is to build out advanced TV platforms across member MSOs. During his 13-year tenure at WPP/GroupM, he was strategic planning research lead at the MediaEdge operating company and also oversaw research across Beyond Interactive, MEC Interaction and Mindshare Interaction, GroupM's digital and direct operating companies. Before joining WPP/GroupM, Gerard served as Director, Market Resources at CBS television network, leading a research team to competitively position CBS in the marketplace.

Known as a brilliant statistician in the industry, big data is the reality of his career not just the catch phrase of 2013. A native New Yorker, Gerard grew up in Queens and was educated in public schools. He earned both his B.B.A. and M.B.A. from Baruch College of the City University of New York.

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Evan Neufeld

Advisor - Mobile and Analytics

Evan Neufeld is an expert in the field of mobile, social, and interactive market research products & services. He is currently the Principal Analyst at Storyline Development. Prior to Storyline, he was Head of Product and Marketing for StellaService a company that optimizes online shopping experiences. Until June 2012, Evan was the CMO of GroundTruth, a mobile analytics firm developing insights out of carrier data.

In the '00s Evan was VP and Senior Analyst at comScore Mobile (formerly M:Metrics), where he oversaw comScore's products and services focused on mobile advertising and marketing, including the areas of effectiveness. Earlier, Evan was VP of Industry Analysis at NPDTechworld, focusing on analyzing technological convergence and its impact on key consumer and business sectors for clients such as AOL, Sony, and Hewlett-Packard.

An internet industry pioneer, in 1996, Evan was part of the research and management team at Jupiter Research overseeing all research operations and launching the company's operations in Europe.

A respected industry analyst in mobile, social, and interactive marketing, Evan has been quoted in major media outlets such as The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Media Week and CNET, and has appeared on CNBC, Wall Street Week and ABC News.

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Bart Solenthaler, Randi Rosh, Bart & Co

Advisors - Branding and Brand Enhancement

Bart & Co. is the husband and wife team of Bart Solenthaler and Randi Rosh who have long-standing careers in branding creative and development. They have worked as art directors at companies such as Random House, Family Circle, The New York Times, Maxim, US News & World Report, The Atlantic, Fast Company, The New York Daily News and Radar. For five years in the '90s, Randi and Kathryn helped to build up US News' Best Colleges guide, an act they are eternally not happy about as they think it puts too much pressure on kids and drives parents nuts.

Despite the fact that they work together, they are happily married. Randi is the brainchild of the Steampunkt logo and initial brand identity. Bart is the designer of the first male Re:Mote, a reversible bag for recycling and schlepping that is a tote a man would be proud to carry. The Bart & Co. website with links to their work is here: They live in Brooklyn West (Montclair, NJ) and have high school and college-aged daughters.

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Stephanie Thompson

Advisor - Content Development

Stephanie Thompson has written about advertising and marketing trends since the early 90s. As a cub reporter at IEG Sponsorship Report, Ms. Thompson was one of the first to predict the importance of the nascent World Wide Web for marketers when the Seattle Mariners began to offer it up to sponsors in 1995. At Brandweek, she continued to call out hot marketing stories, including the brilliance of Starbucks and its siren's draw. During her eight years at Advertising Age, Ms. Thompson nailed the marketing plans of major packaged goods companies, beauty behemoths and top fashion players in stories on everything from crucial celebrity seeding to the very first Mommy Bloggers who changed the media landscape almost overnight. She has been asked to speak on branding for Fox News, The Food Network, CNN, NPR, and other news outlets. Ms. Thompson is the founder and executive director of InspireCorps (, an organization that links artists with schools to provide crucial tools for engagement and expression in learning across the income divide in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons and her dog, Ginger.

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Kelly Herrick

Advisor - Human Capital

Steampunkt works with Searchlight NY to find the dream jobs and the dream employees in the media research and ad tech space. (Kathryn Koegel uses her personal contact list to source candidates and will only work with companies with the highest integrity because she believes that happy employees make winning companies.) The human capital process is then handled by Kelly Herrick, Partner of SearchlightNY.

With an expertise in Advertising, Media and Emerging Technology, Searchlight partners with innovative digital players to build great companies. Founded in 2001, Searchlight's team has over 40 years of combined digital industry experience

Their specialties include: Digital Media, Display, Search Retargeting, RTB, Social Marketing, Video Ad Serving, Pre-Roll Video, Performance Marketing, SaaS Technology, Rich Media, Mobile Advertising, In-Game / In-App Advertising, SEM, SEO, E-mail, Data, Analytics, DSPs, and more.

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Gordon Baldwin

Advisor - Photography & Portraiture

Gordon is an NEH grant-winning photographer who works with the Aperture Foundation all while teaching middle school kids in an impoverished neighborhood. He shows them how to express themselves and their world through photography. Each morning he gets up to photograph the same spot on the Gowanus Canal, one of the most important waterways in America that is now a Superfund site. Aside from the glow off the Canal, he is inspired by the post-industrial world he lives in. One of his favorite recent projects was taking a veiled Muslim student to Manhattan and photographing her first time reaction. When not teaching and winning photography awards, he does corporate portraiture in a journalistic style for Steampunkt and creates image libraries for their clients. He has a Masters in Art Education from CCNY and an MFA from Pratt, where he hung out in the steam engine room which is why Kathryn chose him for this job. He has work in the collections of the London Transport Museum as well as the New York Transit Museum, so as an artist, his work has movement.